10X More Accurate Lead Scoring for HubSpot

Forwrd’s predictive AI scoring identifies the prospects that are ready to be contacted by sales.

Trusted by leading go-to-market teams globally

Find out why Forwrd is the go-to solution for B2B SaaS companies

Trusted by leading go-to-market teams globally

Stop Setting Rigid Scoring Rules
Set your KPI and Forwrd will dig into your data and build a scoring model based on factors highly correlated with your KPI.
Lead Scoring

Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with predictive scoring.

Account Scoring

Rank accounts and their underlying leads methodically with account scoring.

Opportunity Scoring

Forecast your pipeline more accurately by identifying & understanding conversion drivers.

PQL Scoring

Detect product-qualified leads to improve lead prioritization and sales efficiency.

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Why Forwrd’s Predictive Scoring Software?
Predictive Lead Scoring HubSpot Wish They Offered
Gone are the days of tweaking static rules each time your marketing assets and product features evolve.
Don't Base Your Qualification Method on Intuition
Is a Google lead worth 5 Points or 15? Who knows! Let AI suggest the optimal weight of each property.
One-Dimensional Scoring Has Blindspots
HubSpot lead scoring considers just HubSpot data. Forwrd considers data from your sales, marketing, product, and CS stacks.
No More Playing Hide & Seek with Your Sales Reps
Don't waste time emailing reps. Forwrd pushes scores & insights into apps your sellers already use.
Predictive AI Scoring w/o an Army of Resources
No-code means you can spin up predictive AI scoring models and deploy them without technical teams.
The Future of Scoring is Cross-Cloud
Unlike traditional scoring methods, Forwrd integrates with all of your data sources: Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.
Accelerate Your Go-to-Market Motions
Give your frontline teams better visibility into prospects & customers so they can work together towards revenue growth.
Marketing Operations

Identify and prioritize high-potential leads and accounts. AI qualification creates better sales handoffs and higher conversion rates.


Enable faster opportunity creation. Prioritize accounts and customize pitches based on account scores and conversion-driving signals.

“Lead qualification that is deep & accurate.”
Liran Kringel
Marketing Operations Lead
Desirene N.

"Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with Forwrd's predictive scoring."

Kevin K.

“Forwrd.ai makes lead scoring a BREEZE!”

Konstantin P.

“Easy to learn, significant value from day one.”

Brighie L.

“Actionable, clear insights FAST and unparalleled support.”

Allon M.

“Forwrd delivers promising predictive insights we likely won't get elsewhere.”

Briana Hart

“Makes using AI so easy (with no code).”