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Set your KPI and our AI will dig into your data and build a scoring model based on factors highly correlated with your business goal.
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Wave Goodbye to Rule-Based Scoring Methods 👋

Forget About Manual Updates
Gone are the days of tweaking your scoring rules each time your marketing assets and product features evolve.
Don't Base Your Qualification Method on Intuition
Is a Google lead worth 5 Points or 15? Who knows! Let AI suggest the optimal weight of each property.
One-Dimensional Scoring Has Blindspots
Does your scoring method consider ALL customer data sources? Forwrd considers your sales, marketing, product, and CS stacks.
No More Playing Hide & Seek with Your Reps
Don't waste time emailing reps. Forwrd pushes scores & insights into apps your sellers already use.
AI Scoring w/o an Army of Resources
No-code means you can spin up predictive AI scoring models and deploy them without technical teams.
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