Stop Churn in its Tracks

Identify at-risk customers, gain deep insight into their issues, and help your CSMs to drive better retention outcomes.
"78% accuracy predicting retention." Lindsay Bigelow, Sr. Director, Global Customer Success Ops,

Trusted by leading go-to-market teams globally

Stay Ahead of Potential Churn

Flag Customers Requiring CSM Attention
Use AI to detect churn signals and pinpoint at-risk customer, so CSMs can prioritize them before it's too late.
Know Your Customers Better. Keep 'Em Longer!
Base your scores on your CRM, marketing, product, and CS stacks to better understand their needs and respond faster.
Activate Insights in Apps Your CSMs Already Use
Stop wasting time emailing CSMs with instructions. Push insights into their CRM to speed up their response.
Personalize Your CSMs' Outreach at Scale
Send CSMs daily insights to help them understand their customers and personalize their outreach activities.
Spot Churn with AI, w/o Involving Data Teams
No-code means you can build and deploy predictive customer scoring models without involving data teams.
"The model we built with Forwrd predicts churn with 75% accuracy."
Brighie Leach
Data Science Manager
Desirene N.

"Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with predictive scoring."

Kevin K.

“ makes lead scoring a BREEZE!”

Konstantin P.

“Easy to learn, significant value from day one.”

Brighie L.

“Actionable, clear insights FAST and unparalleled support.”

Allon M.

“Forwrd delivers promising predictive insights we likely won't get elsewhere.”

Briana Hart

“Makes using AI so easy (with no code).”