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Identify sale-ready trial users and give your sellers the insights they need to seal the deal.
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Stop Wasting Time Tracking Users Manually
Let our AI identify signals that set high-converting users apart, so you can prioritize and engage with those most likely to convert.
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One-dimensional scoring won't cut it. Integrate your product, CRM, and marketing stacks, to gain a full understanding of users.
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Empower sellers to strike while the iron is hot. Push scores and insights into the CRM view or your SDRs and AEs.
Personalize Your Seller’s Outreach at Scale
Give SDRs and AEs daily insights to help them understand their prospects and personalize their outreach activities.
Spot PQLs Using AI Without an Army of Resources
Easily create and deploy predictive AI scoring models without having to write code or involve technical teams.
"Identify & prioritize leads faster and more accurately with Forwrd's predictive scoring."
Desirene N.
Desirene N.

"Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with predictive scoring."

Kevin K.

“ makes lead scoring a BREEZE!”

Konstantin P.

“Easy to learn, significant value from day one.”

Brighie L.

“Actionable, clear insights FAST and unparalleled support.”

Allon M.

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