Predict Which Lead Will Become SALs

Forwrd enables you to predict which leads are most likely to become Sales-Accepted Leads, optimizing SDR efforts.
"Predictive lead scoring transformed our approach, resulting in a ~30% higher meeting setup rate." - Emily Tran, AppsFlyer

Trusted by leading go-to-market teams globally

Move Beyond Guesswork in Lead Qualification

Automate Your SDRs' Workflow
Free your team from manual analysis. Forwrd continuously updates predictions as new data comes in, ensuring your SDRs focus on the most promising leads.
Stop Relying on Gut Feel Alone
Should you schedule a meeting with this lead? Don’t guess—let AI determine the probability of a lead becoming an SAL based on comprehensive data analysis.
Multi-Source Insight for Deeper Accuracy
Our model doesn’t just look at one piece of data—it integrates insights from your entire sales and marketing stack to offer a well-rounded prediction for each lead.
Help Your SDRs' Prioritize Efficiently
No more back and forth. Get actionable insights directly into the tools your SDRs use every day to ensure they’re reaching out to the right leads at the right time.
Lower Overhead. Higher Impact.
Deploy powerful AI predictions with our no-code solution that doesn’t require an army of data scientists or developers.
"With this tool, our SDRs can see tomorrow’s sales today."
Noa Dor, AppsFlyer
Marketing Operations Team Lead
Desirene N.

"Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with predictive scoring."

Kevin K.

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Konstantin P.

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Brighie L.

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Allon M.

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