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Data-driven decision-making is critical to successful business execution, but ~75% of executives still indicate that their organizations struggle to cultivate a data-driven culture to drive business execution.

The growth in data usage has accelerated beyond the skills and confidence of the employees required to use it.

So when push comes to shove, most employees don’t feel confident enough using data. According to ‘Accenture’ most employees feel overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data.

We are a group of SaaS The integration of data science into the operating model of technology companies is fundamentally transforming the effectiveness of their go to market strategies. Leading businesses are already reaping the significant business benefits by taking advantage of proprietary data and machine learning to accelerate growth, machine learning can provide significant benefits to sales, marketing and customer success teams to ultimately turbo charge profitable growth.

About US

We believe what gives companies a competitive edge is fast, data-LED decision-making.

Not just among executives, but especially on the front line, where corporate strategy meets reality and customers are either won or lost.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between non-technical employees and their ability to make data-driven decisions that impact revenue growth.

The Team

We're a group of experienced SaaS operators with a proven track record in designing and building enterprise-grade products at scale.

Kobi Stok
CEO & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience in building B2C and B2B software from design to scale.

Prior to Forwrd, Kobi was SVP Product at WalkMe, where he led the global product strategy group with a focus on scale, growth, and innovation.

Kobi joined WalkMe through the acquisition of Abbi.io, a mobile AI company where he was co-founder and CTO.

yair regev
VP Engineering

Erez brings over 25 years of IT sales experience.

He has gained vast experience holding executive positions at several Cybersecurity and Networking companies, while leading the regions he served to sustainable growth and increased profitability.

Erez led Indegy’s (acquired by Tenable) international Sales. Prior to that, he was the first sales hire at Cato Networks and was responsible for assembling and establishing the EMEA & APAC business and channel from scratch to a multi-million business.

Before joining Cato Networks, Erez managed the EMEA Cloud Sales team at Imperva Inc (NDAQ: IMPV) where he led Imperva’s Cloud Business Development & Channel Management.

Principal Engineer and Co-Founder

A software entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building complex military-grade systems, enterprise analytics platforms, and Verizon Media's core advertising product.

In the IDF, he served as an officer in the intelligence corps for ~7 years, managing software engineering teams.

CTO & Co-Founder

A software entrepreneur with a decade of experience.

Before Forwrd, Elran built and maintained the internal analytics engine of AOL/Yahoo, as well as developed real-time bidding algorithms at Taptica.

Ilya Landa
Head of Design

3rd employee ever at Wix and the first designer, Ilya is a creative beast with 15 years of experience designing B2B and B2C products.

His deep familiarity with various stages of the product development process enables him to bring a pragmatic approach to design, through a clean brand, intuitive UI, and seamless UX.

Gal Tesler
Head of Marketing

An experienced product marketer with a proven track record in planning and managing intricate product launches and product marketing teams at top-tier B2B (WalkMe) and B2C (Waves) organizations.


An electrical engineer turned full stack developer, with experience in designing, testing, and maintaining B2B CRM and analytics systems.

maxim shkolnik
software engineer

A former flight attendant, Yuval brings explosive energy and customer-centric approach to business development, leading initiatives to engage new business and design partners.

Kobi Marenko

Co-founder and CEO of Arbe (NASDAQ: ARBE), Kobi is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading technology and media startups, from the seed stage to acquisition.

Before founding Arbe, Kobi was the Founder and President of Taptica, a London Stock Exchange-listed company, and Founder and CEO of Logia, a mobile content platform acquired by Mandalay Digital.

challenges GTM TEAMS FACE

GTM teams lack access to critical data and can't easily detect qualified leads & at-risk users, resulting in disconnect between sales offers and user needs.


Sales reps & marketing managers often rely on intuition to decide which users to engage with and how – without having a data-led framework in place.


Revenue teams aren't sure which actions to take on leads, leaving reps shooting in the dark and leading to poor sales and retention outcomes.

discover what’s possiblE
SCORE leads & Customers

Automatically identify leads likely to convert, based on engagement and product-usage data from all of your mission-critical information systems.

Like a genius

Empower your GTM team to go after the optimal prospects, with an automatically-updated priority list of your least and most engaged users.

that converts

Spoon-feed your GTM team with real-time recommendations that are personalized to reps and allow them to retain & convert users faster than ever before.

Use Cases

Enable sales reps to engage with their most qualified prospects, in a timely and hyper-personalized way, to accelerate sales velocity and skyrocket sales outcomes.


Point sales reps to qualified leads in real-time and share with them personalized recommendations to help engage leads with hyper-relevant content faster.

Boost Close Rate

Easily detect opportunities that require attention and enable reps with their next best action toward closing a sale, to help reps take data-led actions with high likelihood to improve their close rate.

    REDUCE Customer acquisition Cost (CAC)

    Introduce your team to a streamlined workflow that integrates seamlessly into your sales motion, helps reps convert more opportunities, and reduces CAC.

    Enable marketing managers to respond to leads at risk in the most timely, personalized, and meaningful way to accelerate conversions, deliver a personalized experience, and reduce CAC.


    Identify PQLs at risk, uncover risk factors, and enable your sales team with data-driven action items likely to increase conversions.

    Increase CLV

    Pin point highly-engaged customers and enable email marketing managers with actions likely to expand their account and boost customer lifetime value.

      Increase ROI on
      marketing spend

      Uncover the ideal persona to target in paid campaigns to help campaign managers reduce marketing spend, boost conversions, and increase ROI.

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