We Reinvented How Scoring is Done 🎯

Forget about setting rigid rules. Set your business objective and let AI build a self-learning scoring model based on factors with the highest correlation to your objective.
Six Steps. Zero Code.
1. Connect cross-cloud data sources
Leverage all critical data sources to take into account complex user journeys that span across your marketing, sales, support, and cs stacks.
2. Set a business objective
Teach Forwrd what you are looking to predict (MQL, SQL, SAL, PQL, expansion, churn).
3. Uncover factors correlated w/ your objective
No more manually assigning points to attributes and activities. Forwrd shows you the factors that impact your business objective.
4. Launch your self-learning scoring model
Spin up a predictive scoring model based the factors Forwrd uncovered.
5. Review your scores & their explanations
Generate a model based on the factors that impact your business objective the most.
6. Activate results. Enable frontline teams.
Activate your predictions in the business apps your frontline teams use daily (Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and more).
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See it in Action
See for yourself how any non-technical go-to-market leader can build a self-learning scoring model and enable frontline teams.
Self-Learning. Self-Improving.
Unlike traditional scoring methods, Forwrd integrates with all the data sources you use daily: Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.
“Forwrd helped us uncover 23% more opportunities, which we otherwise would have missed.”
Artium Koner
Revenue Operations Lead
Desirene N.

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Kevin K.

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Konstantin P.

“Easy to learn, significant value from day one.”

Brighie L.

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Allon M.

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Briana Hart

“Makes using AI so easy (with no code).”