Platform Overview

Explore the four layers of Forwrd to see how GTM leaders can predict outcomes and enable frontline teams without an army of resources.

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Four Layers. Zero Code.
Layer 1 - Data Integration
The accuracy of Forwrd’s predictions depends on your data. Connect all of your customer data sources in seconds to achieve optimal predictions.
Layer 2 - Data Analysis
Before building a predictive model, Forwrd needs to analyze your historical data, compare it against your business objective, and reveal the factors and values with the highest correlation to your objective.
Layer 3 - Predictive Modeling
After you surfaced the factors most critical to your business objective, Forwrd lets you build a holistic predictive scoring model with one click.
Layer 4 - Data Activation
Turn your model’s predictions into action. Seamlessly sync predictions into your existing business processes. We offer three options for delivering insights to your frontline team.
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Self-Learning. Self-Improving.
Unlike traditional scoring methods, Forwrd integrates with all the data sources you use daily: Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.
“Forwrd helped us uncover 23% more opportunities, which we otherwise would have missed.”
Artium Koner
Revenue Operations Lead
Desirene N.

"Identify and prioritize leads faster and more accurately with predictive scoring."

Kevin K.

“ makes lead scoring a BREEZE!”

Konstantin P.

“Easy to learn, significant value from day one.”

Brighie L.

“Actionable, clear insights FAST and unparalleled support.”

Allon M.

“Forwrd delivers promising predictive insights we likely won't get elsewhere.”

Briana Hart

“Makes using AI so easy (with no code).”