One platform FOR Turning data into action
Forwrd empowers GTM teams to find answers in data – Faster.
No analysts or custom integrations required.
SimplifY DATA Access
Connect data from various business apps in seconds, so it’s always ready for anyone to inspect and find answers.
SMART join
Join data from different sources without a single line of SQL.
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A metrics repository acts as your one-source-of-truth for business definitions, letting you easily set, update and share metrics across teams.
SET specific METRICS
Anyone can set personal and team metrics. Get super specific with unprecedented access to data sources, rules, and conditions.
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discover how users buy
Proprietary technology acts as a data-scientist-as-a-service, enabling GTM teams to augment data to understand what users need and how to react.
Go beyond First & last touch attribution
Detect user touch points that impact buyers' decisions the most.
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uninterrupted workflow
Embed predictive insights right inside the business tools your team uses daily, to enhance their workflows, and increase their efficiency and confidence.
data sync that works like clockwork
Keep your business apps' data fresh and up-to-date – Always.
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Fresh data. Zero doubt.
Our data sync engine auto-updates your data and populates it within your Forwrd assets, making change managment and new data sync issues of the past.
break silos. Move faster.
Your Forwrd instance can be shared and used by multiple teams and departments in the organization. Marketing, Sales, Success – Everyone can find answer in data fast to fuel growth.
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