Data Activation

Turn predictions into action. Seamlessly sync predictions into your existing business processes. We offer three options for delivering insights to your frontline team.

Bi-Directional Sync (weekly, daily, hourly)

Sync scores and their explanations into your team’s CRM or MAP. Keep frontline teams informed and empowered within their familiar environment, enhancing efficiency and driving better outcomes.
Relevant use cases:
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* Scores and their explanations activated inside the CRM view of frontline teams.

Email Alerts

Alert team members of important scoring updates via email, enabling fast response time and tighter alignment. You can send daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
* Sharing a report via email.

Slack Alerts

Alert team members of important signals via Slack, enabling even quicker response time to key prospects and customers.
* An automatic Slack update about an account that is trending up


Get real-time predictions via our API to embed predictions in any app or data analysis tool. Use Web hooks to build smarter automations using HubSpot Workflows, Marketo Automation, or your IpaaS (ex. Zapier, Workato).
* Using Forwd web hooks & API
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