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Automatically identify your most engaged contacts.

Unlock smarter prioritization by leveraging our AI to monitor the activities of your contacts.

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Use our AI to segments your contacts based on all of their touch points and activities.
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Use our seamless integration with HubSpot to get started. Forwrd is an official HubSpot partner and SOC 2 Type 2 certified, giving you peace of mind as you leverage our AI to make more of your HubSpot data.
Automatically analyze contact activity
No manual work is required on your part. Our AI analysis engine dives deep into your contacts’ historical activities, engagement with emails, page views, and meetings to accurately assign activity cohorts.
View your new relationship groups
Forwrd automatically segments your contacts based on their activity level. Our integration creates a new column in HubSpot and updates it for each for each of your contacts.

Segment types:

🔥 Hot - These contacts are highly engaged and showing significant interest in your company and content.

😐 Warm - These contacts are lukewarm. They are mildly engaged.

🧊 Cold - These contacts are not engaged and need some warming up.
Spot your most (and least) engaged contacts effortlessly
With Forwrd, your go-to-market teams will never miss an opportunity to engage with the right contacts at the right moment.

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Unlike traditional scoring methods, Forwrd integrates with all the data sources you use daily: Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Snowflake, Redshift, and more.
Facts for Nerds: The Activities Forwrd Analyzes
So you might be wondering - how the heck are they doing this?! After you log in with HubSpot, Forwrd will automatically analyze your contacts’ historical activities from the last 180 days.

Forwrd will then create dozens of statistical cohorts, and our proprietary AI will segments your users based on these cohorts, which are based on your unique data.

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