Leverage automation & AI to bring all your customer data together and perform deep qualification of users, based on revenue KPIs.
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predict GTM outcomes faster
A frictionless process lets business operations managers deploy predictive models to predict outcomes and enable employees with forward-looking insights that win deals.
STOP relying on analysts & data teams
forwrd's AutoML saves companies a fortune in resources and unlocks value by letting GTM teams to execute flawlessly with the Right Insights.
Make the most of every opportunity
rule-based SCORING is biased, causing opps to fall through the cracks. FORWRD Uncovers hidden intent signals you can act on to drive predictable growth.
qualifying users with AI is not that simple
businesses collect more data than ever before, but it's still extremely complicated for revops to surface deep predictions in a timely fashion.

USe AI & automation to Predict GTM outcomes so much faster
Easily clean your data and automate it to surface revenue-driving predictions.
Detect signals humans are likely to miss by automating your data
Connect data sources in seconds
Join data from various business apps without writing a single line of code to get a complete picture of your prospectS' B2b buyer journey.
Ensure the accuracy of your data
Forwrd continuously monitors your data for changes and automatically updates and populates it, to eliminate data integrity issues.
set metrics & align everyone around them
Set your predictions to target personal & team KPIs. Apply advanced filters and to get ultra specific.
discover the factors impact your metrics
Surface the signals that impact your metric the most and use them to score leads & accounts to better prioritize and react to them.
enable employees with forward-looking insights to fuel growth
improve alignment and performance by automatically sharing predictions with team members to drive efficiency & results.
What's your use case?
Customer acquisition has never been more costly. Demand gen teams can no longer afford to spend resources pursuing channels that yield unqualified leads and causing cac to go up.
Enable SDRS & BDRs to focus on leads most likely to convert into opportunities. Guide reps and help them understand what might push leads over the hump, to improve pipeline size.
Help sales REPS stop wasting time on unproductive opportunities. Guide your reps’ efforts and enable them to focus on opportunities that will likely close to create outsized pipelines.
support your Customer Success Managers with account health predictions. Pull all relevant indicators of churn risk to help CSMS react to churn risk in real-time.
Integrate the apps you use daily