Data Analysis

Before building a model, Forwrd analyzes your historical data, compares it with your business objective, and surfaces the factors and values with the highest impact.

No-Code Metric Builder

This lets you define your business objective, which teaches Forwrd which metric you are trying to improve. It includes three criteria:
The audience you wish to analyze.
Your success criteria.
Your failure criteria.
Relevant use cases:
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* Defining a business objective using the no-code metric builder.

AI Analysis

This process automatically cleans your data, removes garbage & anomalies, normalizes your data, and groups and clusters it for optimal predictive modeling.

Supported data types:
(ex. email subjects, urls)
(ex. page visits)
(ex. time in current stage)
(ex. features used)
(ex. status, stage)
* Forwrd surfaces the factors (on the left) and the values (on the right) that impact the business objective.
* Another data analysis, this time focusing on a numeric factor (on the left) and its underlying values (on the right).
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