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Meet the no-code way for building predictive apps that detect qualified leads & at-risk customers and notify GTM teams of how to best react.

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"a nifty tool for non-technical business managers to surface revenue-focused insights fast, in a self-service fashion." Shmuel Milavski, BI Lead, WalkMe™.

predictive apps

Take advantage of app templates designed to help you optimize mission-critical business metrics.

challenges GTM TEAMS FACE

GTM teams lack access to critical data and can't easily detect qualified leads & at-risk users, resulting in disconnect between sales offers and user needs.


Sales reps & marketing managers often rely on intuition to decide which users to engage with and how – without having a data-led framework in place.


Revenue teams aren't sure which actions to take on leads, leaving reps shooting in the dark and leading to poor sales and retention outcomes.

discover what’s possiblE
SCORE leads & Customers

Automatically identify leads likely to convert, based on engagement and product-usage data from all of your mission-critical information systems.

Like a genius

Empower your GTM team to go after the optimal prospects, with an automatically-updated priority list of your least and most engaged users.

that converts

Spoon-feed your GTM team with real-time recommendations that are personalized to reps and allow them to retain & convert users faster than ever before.

Use Cases

Enable sales reps to engage with their most qualified prospects, in a timely and hyper-personalized way, to accelerate sales velocity and skyrocket sales outcomes.


Point sales reps to qualified leads in real-time and share with them personalized recommendations to help engage leads with hyper-relevant content faster.

Boost Close Rate

Easily detect opportunities that require attention and enable reps with their next best action toward closing a sale, to help reps take data-led actions with high likelihood to improve their close rate.

    REDUCE Customer acquisition Cost (CAC)

    Introduce your team to a streamlined workflow that integrates seamlessly into your sales motion, helps reps convert more opportunities, and reduces CAC.

    Enable marketing managers to respond to leads at risk in the most timely, personalized, and meaningful way to accelerate conversions, deliver a personalized experience, and reduce CAC.


    Identify PQLs at risk, uncover risk factors, and enable your sales team with data-driven action items likely to increase conversions.

    Increase CLV

    Pin point highly-engaged customers and enable email marketing managers with actions likely to expand their account and boost customer lifetime value.

      Increase ROI on
      marketing spend

      Uncover the ideal persona to target in paid campaigns to help campaign managers reduce marketing spend, boost conversions, and increase ROI.

      “Forwrd speeds up our sales velocity by uncovering opportunities in our data and streaming personalized suggestions into reps’ Salesforce view. Their customer service is phenomenal.” Eran Cohen, BI Team Lead, Hibob.

      data security
      & privacy

      Forwrd is secure by design and compliant with GDPR and CCPA. We enforce complete and total privacy law compliance and security measures.

      No PII storing

      We keep your information secure and never store PII (personal identifiable information) on our servers.

      GDPR, CCPA and PCI compliant

      Public companies choose to work with us for a reason. Get a trusted partner that puts your security first.