PQL Scoring: Accelerate Your Product-Led Growth Motion

Identify trial user likely to convert to paying customers. Gain deeper insight into user needs and preferences and help your sellers to plan their outreach, accelerate their response time, and close more accounts.

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Transform Your PLG Game: A Closer Look at Forwrd's PQLs Scoring Solution

Self-learning, self-improving models

Forget about manually tracking trial users. With Forwrd, trial users are monitored and scored in real-time. Our AI algorithms process millions of data points to identify the small details that set high-converting users apart, so you can prioritize and engage with those most likely to convert.

Cross-cloud account scoring

Leave behind your manual or one-dimensional scoring method. Seamlessly integrate Forwrd with your product analytics, CRM, marketing automation, and data warehouse, to have a comprehensive understanding of user journeys.

Real-time updates to keep you in control

Don't let outdated data hold you back. With our real-time PQL scoring, you have access to the freshest insights on your top users – like a pulse that keeps you in tune with the beat of the users and helps you take swift action and outmaneuver your competitors.

Automatic insights routing

Empower sellers to strike while the iron is hot, with the perfect pitch delivered right on cue. Set up smart automations that infuse scores and insights into the CRM view your sellers rely on like a lifeline.

Performance dashboard

Keep an eye on your predictions, top-line metrics, and sales efforts through an insightful dashboard that illuminates the impact of your predictions on team performance. Seize opportunities, recognize achievements, and track the ROI of your investment.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Leverage AI and automation to prioritize your best leads, accounts, and customers and enable your GTM teams with deal-closing insights.

Forwrd G2 reviews

"78% accuracy predicting retention"

Forwrd's models help us to answer tough questions in a rapidly changing environment.

Lindsay Bigelow
Sr. Director, Global Customer Success Operations
at Jasper

"4X more PQLs"

PowToon boosts Marketing Ops efficiency & SDR productivity - achieves 10X faster lead response time and 4X more PQLs.

Powtoon testimonial
Artium Koner
Marketing Operations & Automation at Powtoon

"75% accuracy predicting churn"

We replaced our old health score (3 variables) with Forwrd's model (36 variables) which predicts churn with 75% accuracy.

Brighie Leach
Data Science Manager
at Jasper

“97% faster lead qualification”

"Our SDRs love it! Forwrd integrates with HubSpot seamlessly, making it easy to feed SDRS with predictions & insights in the CRM"

Forwrd AI Cato Networks success story
Liran Kringel
Marketing Ops at Cato Networks

“21% more qualified pipeline”

“Forwrd helps us exceed our pipeline targets. Its predictions help us stay focused and deliver significant value from day one.”

Forwrd AI Totango success story
Konstantin P.
Growth Manager at Totango

“31% better retention"

WalkMe uncovers non-obvious factors that lead to churn - achieves 31% improvement in retention efforts.

Forwrd AI WalkMe success story
Matan Sagi
BI Team Lead at WalkMe